Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Pumpkins and the like

Halloween seems to be a massive frickin' deal here. While at home it seems to be little more than an excuse (as if they need it) for kids to run amock through residential areas, throwing missiles at houses and generally terrorising the neighbours, in America it takes a much more sanitary form. Rather than just the one day it seems to last for weeks and everyone dresses up in costumes ranging in from the, frankly, piss-poor to the obscenely impressive and extravagant. Lizzie requested that I put a few pictures of human beings on the blog so here ya go. These folks are dressed fairly mutedly as it goes. From left to right: Elle, Greg, Katie and Shantel.

This is the nearest you're gonna get to a picture of me so make the most of it. Kinda says it all really doesn't it?

Oh yeah, and completely irrelevant to Halloween, as I was walking through Georgetown with my headphones on, on Saturday morning I was most confused as crossed the road and suddenly there were directors chairs, cameras and people standing around in puffa jackets everwhere. If you're a little quicker than I you may have realised I was stumbling through a movie set. Turns out some new Nicole Kidman flick, "The Visitors", is being filmed here. That was quite exciting anyway (although not as exciting as watching Man United take an absolute stuffing from Middlesbrough a few hours later).

I foolishly omitted to mention the most significant event in my life of recent days was a house/room/hotel suite-warming party I attended on Saturday evening hosted by the charming, elegant, intelligent and magical Holly Mitchell at her new residence at George Washington University. As I am wone to do I spent the entirety propping up the bar (oh yes, she has a bar in her bedroom) and ended up stealing (ahem, I mean liberating) the phone from the lobby of the building as we departed - I'll put it back I promise. A fine evening spent in the company of non-Georgetown types including a very amusing chap who, as conversation progressed, adopted an increasingly imitative British accent. Wot a legend.

N.B. I have by no means amended this post as a result of threats received from the aforementioned Holly Mitchell.

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