Sunday, November 20, 2005

I should be writing an essay but I'm not

I realise that this site seems to be turning into a home for links to the various pieces I've been writing for the various media here at GU. I promise to resume regular scheduled programming as soon as I have something worth writing about. If you have any ideas/questions for me feel free to suggest 'em. In the mean time, here's my latest trite efforts at music journalism.

Published on Thursday in The Hoya's competitor paper, The Voice:
A preview of the Bright Eyes/Magic Numbers concert I went to on Friday evening which, sadly, didn't live up to expectations.

In Friday's Hoya:

A slightly more interesting, if poorly composed, account of a trip to a jazz club in Georgetown.

Thanksgiving's coming up and I'm gonna be stuck here with lots of time to write about everything I'm not doing. Expect exciting reports of hour upon hour of me staring at my walls. Perhaps I'll have dinner with the jesuits. Definitely gonna get to the first home basketball game of the season next Saturday though. Until then....

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