Saturday, October 22, 2005


I've realised that despite being here for a couple of months, I have yet to show anyone any pictures of the University itself. It's an impressive looking campus with about as much history as the entire country. Sure beats the crap outta Sussex at least - oh yeah, and Sheffield as well.

Healy Hall. No idea what this building is actually for but it's quite impressive doncha reckon?

As you can see, the campus is quite green, although this was taken back when it was still sunny which it really isn't at the moment. The weather here is very confusing. Two weeks ago I was complaining that it was far too hot and then I come back from Pittsuburgh and it's Winter all of a sudden. Weird.

The "Multi Sports Facility" or "American Football pitch". This is where the Hoyas routinely get stuffed by many other bigger, faster, better teams. It is a somewhat tedious game so who really cares. I'll give you an explanation of what a "Hoya" is another time.

The Dahlgren Chapel and fountain in the square behind Healy Hall. The school is run by the Jesuits and apparently this is their doing. I'm not sure what a Jesuit is. I think they're like gremlins but nicer.

A random one this. I leant my camera to a girl called Elle, told her to go out and take me some photos and this is what she came up with: a gang of sailors waiting for a bus. Add your own amusing caption here.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

By an amusing twist of fate, I'm watching gremlins as i browse the blog! A jesuit is a kind of Christian, who used to carry knives, or was that a zealot...mmm.
As for the caption competition, how does "oi,oi sailor' grab you?