Sunday, October 30, 2005


So yesterday at 9.30am, after a mere four hours kip, I roll myself out of bed and drag myself out into the chilly but beautifully clear D.C. morning and sluggishly crawl my way towards Dupont Circle to watch the Arsenal/Spurs game. On my way, despite the fog enveloping my sleep-deprived mind, I notice quite how charming the "fall", as tis called over here, really is. As you can see, the colours are really incredible.

This is an, umm, house in Georgetown. For those amonsgst you who are uninformed as to the true extent of the lavish wealth on display in Georgetown, compared to most of 'em, this is a small and somewhat muted residence.

Another picture, but more picturesque this time, of the great American phallus.

This one is of the Jefferson memorial which I finally got round to seeing yesterday. Someone who's paid more attention in class than me (not difficult I know) will, I'm sure be able to tell you why Jefferson was so deserving of such a mammoth monument.

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GaV said...

Cause he was a dude??

Like that tree it's cool. It has been rather warm here for the last few days, like 18 degrees, but the weather is changing, it's getting cold. How twas Halloween? Maybe you can get the American's into Guy Fawkes, bit of education for them ;)