Thursday, September 28, 2006

I've just been scanning through the photographs on my computer. Mostly from the past eighteen months or so. it feels like a different life, looking back at picttures of Keira in particular. because that's all she is now; a few pictures on my screen. she looks beautiful. i can scarceley believe that i ever had anythig to do with that woman. bizarre is what it is. i loved her, more i think than i've ever loved anyone and yet she's barely even a memory anymore. these mementoes of time past are hardly even that anymore. all they are is what they are. what do they remind me of? the hurt itself is gone. i remember that she hurt me but not really how it felt. i've come a long way since then, been involved with other girls that have treated me a lot better. yet she's never going to quite go away. i wish she would.

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