Monday, May 15, 2006

It's 2.16am and I'm sitting at a computer screen attempting to power my way through to 4.30 when my shuttle picks me up to take me to Baltimore airport from where I'm flying to Seattle. I figured now was as good a time as any to update you on goings-on stateside considering how lame I've been on that front of late, with the only recent entries being album reviews written for Subculture. Here's another one by the way: Casiotone for the Painfully Alone.

So yes, I'm lissnin to nineties ladmag throwback Chris Moyles live on Radio1. Which is weird. he is a dick but I admire his ability to talk for half an hour straight without playing a choon. radio geeks will tell you that's a cardinal sin and one I also used to enjoy breaking back at good old URF when I think my record approached 45 minutes for straight talking without either playing a song or allowing anyone else - including Damien who was on the phone from Sheffield - a word in. (heard the station's gone somewhat down the crapper in my absence this past year, that is quite sad :( but maybe can be reinvigorated upon my return. Currently planning a reunion show with Chris and Arnie in early June. keep yez updated on that one.)

So. Umm. Yeah. (2.28am) What's been going on eh? My intramural football team made it to the final of the IM cup. Which was rather impressive considering we didn't lead a single game for a single minute in five group games and three playoff matches. The first round of playoffs we won on penalties, the second we went through when the other team were defaulted for fielding several ineligible players. Sadly our run of luck did not continue in the final. 0-0 after 90 (by which i mean 40) minutes including a goal that should have been (by us) but was judged not to cross the line. a last minute counter-attack in extra time from them lead to a cock-up by our last man (who had played a stonking game apart from that) and the prize t-shirt that seemed so close was snatched from grasp. ah well, maybe next year.

What else? Mr. Alex Murray came to stay in April. That was a cracker of a week. Went canoeing on the Potomac and to a few gigs including one at DC9 (audience of about 20 including at least 8 or so people from the other bands) by Lair of the Minotaur who are noisy and screamy and quite cheesy and growl a lot but was fun and not the sort of thing i'd normally go to. Also Regina Spektor the previous night at 9:30 Club who was sweet and weird and plays a chair with a stick. Oh yeah, and we spent the first day Al was here at RFK stadium enjoying baseball and beers in the sunshine. I swear there is no better way to spend a summer's afternoon.

Other gigs. Nickel Creek at 930 club. They were grand and was especialyl satifying given that last time they came to Washington I buggered the date up and was in Pittsburgh. They played a supoib bluegrass cover of Britney's Toxic and The Weight by The Band which, as it always does, made me think of Franny and all those trips of yore in his little car when I would belt out "get a load of franny" to successfully piss off the boy behind the wheel. Good times. I was a little dismayed to see the average age of the audience was far higher than I'm used to which obviously means only one thing. is my music taste that middle of the road??!?!

My mind is a bit blank. Umm. Lots of work been done up until last week when I officially finished my Georgetown academic career. Essays of the lowest quality coming out of my arse. Kinda appropriate that. Had my last proper night out in DC for a while yesterday involving a meal at Front Page with Eel and Evie, a game of Kings, The Black Cat and falling asleep in The Diner. This is deemed to be a "party foul" and the result was exploitation/abuse by my compatriots: Close-up photos of my be-jeaned groin and simulated acts of an inappropriate nature. Will pose 'em up soon unless my mother tells me not too. Got back to my room at 6am and then had to be all packed up and checked out by noon. Tough day.

3.06am. I'm really struggling now. It's late. And I have to head to Seattle to reunite with Christina and then going to music festival Sasquatch to see Beck, the Shins, Nine Inch Nails and others. That is, i'll be going if I can find a way of getting there. I was told it happens at the Gorge near Seattle. Then spoke to Nate who informed me that it is in fact five hours outside Seattle. Okay. Lissenup Americans: 5 hours away IS NOT NEAR! Or maybe it is. And Brighton is NEAR Manchester. Grrr.

Hokay, i'm pretty much done for now. And done with my Georgeotwn experience completely. I shall continue blogging back in Britain cos it's kinda fun although I assume no-one'll really give a shit what I'm up to and if you do you'll either ask me when you see me or be doing it with me. Nonetheless the blog will be cleverly re-titled The South-East Coast Sound - cos i'm gonna be in Brighton durrrr.

Update: 3.59am.
I'm still here. I feel dead.

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GaV said...

So you made it?? Just keep the coffee going down your throat!!!

Oh no, the end of an era at Georgetown, now what am I going to read.. Hope you make it to the festival.

5hrs in the good ol' US Of A is nothin, just a quick sprint ;-). Sounds like you're having fun.