Wednesday, May 31, 2006

And you know this

1. Americans are NOT stupid.
Yes they have a very stupid president but really, judging an entire people on its political leaders is no more legitimate than judging it on its big brother contestants. The paradoxical truth is that the people who would be best in the job are those who wouldn't in a million years dream of applying for it.

2. American beer is better than British beer.
Admittedly the top-seelling brews taste like piss but as a rule, these come in shiny silver and blue cans and the word "light" follows the brand name and these are hence easily avoided. If you drink beer because you enjoy its flavour (i'm back in England now, I don't need to spell it 'flavor' anymore and don't feel i'm ghetto enough to spell it 'flava') then the selection of fabulous ickle breweries in the states is stupendous.

3. Americans drink to get drunk.
Casual drinking is out. Mid-week drinking? Don't think so. Paraletic at weekends? Hell yeah.

4. Any job worth doing in America has a white face attached.
Of COURSE that's an absurd generalization and by America I really mean DC but the truth is, when it comes to the service sector at least, the shittier the job is the less likely it is to be a white guy doing it.

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