Monday, April 03, 2006

Warning: Gratuitously Unadulterated Display of Wussiness

Don't say I don't listen to my audience. From the many many emails I've received, and from the conversations I've had with some of you over MSN, it seems that I'm a little too abstract in the content of my blog postings. Apparently all you want to read is gossipy literature of the Heat variety and actually have no interest in my fascinating reviews of the latest tATu album or musings on the moral validity of marketing as a career path.

Oh no despite hundred of academic qualifications between you, and most about to graduate (I assume, although some have been somewhat silent) all you vile voyeurs want to hear about is DA LAYDEEZ. To quote Chris Storie, "bonned any pretty/alright looking/i was drunk, so she looked ok/ ugly birds of late....?! i did the other week, and she was neraly 30....:) ha... i was very drunk.. !!" Born romantic innee? Dunno quite what he's getting at there but does anyone expect anything more from the oh so sweet Chilean? Anyway I guess it IS time you were filled in on such matters but since my family read the blog more than most this is the nice/sickeningly sweet version of things. If it's not good enough for you , well, may I point you in the direction of amazon's ADULT section..... So i'm including a photograph which may make some of you go "awwwwwww" and the rest of you vomit into your keyboards. If you feel you may fit into the latter category I recommend you don't scroll down.
So this is the laydee. Yes yes I look like an arse, need a haircut etc, but doesn't she look cute? Name of Christina, from Seattle. And that's all you're getting from me for now. (And NO, not just cos that's all I know! - gimme SOME credit puhleeeze)
p.s. For the geeks amongst you (i.e. Franny) that is indeed a JBT poster in the background. They're playing at 9:30 Club on Thursday. Should be a cracker.

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