Friday, December 02, 2005

Squirrels of Satan

Possibly the most frightening of God's creatures, these little black buggers seem to be everywhere on the GU campus. Don't for a second think that that glimmer of light in his eye is a reflection of the flash from my camera - oh no, these evil incarnations are lit from the inside.

Fearless as can be and with no respect for humankind, I swear I spotted one selling drugs outside the elementary school just down the road the other day.

In the procrastinatory search for an explanation, a quick Googling garners 28,000 results and numerous reports of sightings across North America but few real answers. I did however, come across an article from the Post back in May, with the somewhat frightening headline "Black squirrels take over Washington". Since I couldn't be arsed to actually read the thing and discover, most likely, a fairly harmless report about their numbers increasing yaddayaddayadda, I can but assume the DC Metro area is now run by these malevolent manifestations of beelzebub and they are gradually working their dark magic over the entire population. Scared? You should be.

On a different note (but perhaps equally scary to some) I'm thinking of buying the TopGun soundtrack; what does everyone think? I watched the film on Monday night for the first time in aaaaaaages and realized quite what an awesome movie it is. I think it possesses a musical accompaniment so terrible it's fabulous but other may perchance disagree. I could go on but I think I'd better not.


Andrea Fox said...

get a life and stop bothering the wildlife!

Big C said...

Nick, surely you must remember all the grey (notice the E) squirrels on the Sussex campus?
It must be home from home there. Just a different shade of grey mate!

Big C said...

Oh and I got the flashdance soundtrack the other day - so go ahead and get the Topgun one.
80s soundtracks rawk.