Saturday, December 03, 2005

Not one to repeat stories I read on the internet but couldn't resist this one that I received in an email about the late great Richard Harris. Courtesy of Popbitch:

"One of the few drinkers who could keep up with George Best was Richard Harris. Back in the 80s, Harris was starring in a play at the London Palladium. During the day he spent most of his time getting drunk in Soho. One afternoon he got chatting to a beautiful blonde. Harris explained he was in a play, and that she had to see it. He then got a friend to run round to the theatre and get him two comp tickets. Many hours later, Harris and the blonde were hammered. He reached in to his pocket, finds the tickets and takes the blonde to the theatre. They take their seats. About 10 minutes in to the play, Harris suddenly stands up, loudly exclaiming "Oh fuck, I'm in this! And runs off backstage to get changed."

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