Friday, November 09, 2007

Stag "Dos"

My first friend is getting married. Which means my first stag do. Which got me thinking about stag dos. These are my thoughts.

A bizarre ritual no? It's kinda like saying:

"Okay, i'll let you be a man and have fun with your friends ONE LAST TIME. Cos after we're married... there will be no more of that. We will go to garden centres on Sundays and watch reality tv on Saturdays and you will no longer dread going to work because it will be the only time and space you will have to yourself to escape."

Of course I'm sure marriage isn't really as bad as all that but the masculine, let's-have-all-teh-fun statement that is a bachelor party doesn't reflect well on it as an institution.

Still, I'm shall enjoy swinging about on ropes and eating curry and drinking beer and (hopefully) cleaning up at poker. With Kelvin. For one last time.

This week I have been mostly......

Watching: Dawson's Creek, the end of the series where Pacey and Joey get together. I swear this is clearly why i have such fucking warped and fantastical expectations of romance.
Reading: Romeo Dallaire's Shaking Hands With The Devil. The man is amazing. His account of the Rwandan genocide is tough going but compelling reading.
Listening: To The Jayhawks' "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" - sappy sentiment but still a brilliant song - and the newish Rilo Kiley. Jenny Lewis is uhmazin
Sleeping: uncomfortably.

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