Thursday, July 20, 2006

Musical musings

Okay, so I was interviewing some guy called Justin from a band called She Wants Revenge yesterday. He was, basically a pretentious prick. However he made a point, not sure he was aware he was making it but still, about music's significance being somehting you can't necessarily translate into words, music journalism therefore being obsolete (not that it was ever anything else). This linked in with something Andrea said on Monday night (she's not the most sensitive of creature's but is somewhat irritatingly precious herself) about the lack of value of music journalism. The fact that that is ALL I FUCKING DO is not something she felt the need to consider but nonetheless, is it not a legitimate point. Nietzche wrote something, which I haven't read actually, about the purpose of music is to help to communicate that which language cannot. Therefore, if music fills a gap in language how can language attempt to describe the gap that's being filled? It's a ginormous paradox/viciouscircle/conundrum and basically points towards the conclusion that all music writing is bullshit. Which is fine because I've only ever been interested in it out of a desire to not spend money on CDs or going to shows. However maybe music writing's value as an artform is not in communicating the meanign of music - by a continuation of this logic, impossible - but as simply an expression of meaning of the writer himself, just as valid as the music but distinctly separte from it. That maybe makes no sense and can be attributed to the limitation of language or my failure to yet master it as an expressive tool. But I'm better at this than playing the guitar so whaddya gonnna do?

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I think what you have to do here is fuck Nietzche and keep on doing what you do so well. Great article.