Monday, March 06, 2006

Belle+SebastianRule/I Heart B+S/Belle and Sebastian make the world a better place

The gig tonight was a delight.

The New Pornographers are a lotta fun and Carl Newman is an entertaining fella who didn't have a set list tonight and just played songs the crowd shouted at him. I don't know them all that well but plan on picking up their new album sooner or later,

B+S are genuinely one of my favourite things in the entire world. Stuart Murdoch is a funny little man in a funny little band that are truly undislikable (except by Ned Raggett who thinks they suck but he is wrong).

9:30 Club rules and working there is da shit. Free drinks is a wonderful thing, particularly in a place where the prices are exorbitant and you don't get a true pint.

I plan on posting pictures form tonight, as well as from many other gigs, when I am more sober.

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