Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Newspaper pieces

I know it's been ages n ages since I last wrote anything. Just so yez know I haven't been completely slacking off, here are a few links to some pieces I've written for the paper, including my first full page-r.

Take a chance on Bonnie Olde England I swear I don't write the headlines for these things. And it was funnier before the editors got their greasy mitts on the thing. And yeah, apparently Union was something of a fart in the wind and is back to being the manky old Zap.

So Sing Us A Song, You the Piano Man Another imaginative title. And again they choose to delete the best bits and ignore the fact that it stops making sense. If anyone wants a copy of the directors cut feel free to, well, whistle for it.

Soppy Valentines Day music piece. This is, godawful, I admit. Maybe you shouldn't read it.

Bitter, cynical Valentines Day music piece. Y'see, what they did was have a reversible paper that week. One side was upbeat, the other vicious and miserable. Wonder which one came more naturally to me?

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